Endre Pál


1991-1996  Resident, Dept. of Neurology, University of Pécs (UP)

Since 1996  Contributor in the Neuropathology Laboratory,

Dept. of Neurology, UP

1996-1998  Assistant professor, Department of Neurology, UP

1998-2000  Research associate, National Institute of Neuroscience, Tokyo, Japan

2000-2005  Associate professor, Department of Neurology, UP

2005-2010  Chief neurologist, Baranya County Hospital, Pécs

2010-          Associate professor, Department of Neurology, UP

2013-          Head, Division of Neuropathology, Dept. of Pathology,  UP


1985 – 1991 Medical University, Pécs, Hungary

1991           MD

1996           Board exam of neurology, UP, Hungary

2001           Degree of Ph.D., UP, Hungary

2009           Board exam of neuropathology, Semmelweis

University, Budapest, Hungary

2010           Habilitation, University of Pécs, Hungary


1992-          Hungarian Society of Neurology

1996-          Hungarian Society of Stroke

1996-          Hungarian Society of Neurosonology

1997-          Hungarian Clinical Neurogenetical Society

2006-          Hungarian Society of Neuropathology

2013-          Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA), Medical

Sciences, Committee on Clinical Neurosciences