Péter Diószeghy

Peter Dioszeghy gave his medical studies at the Medical Faculty of Debrecen University. He was awarded his doctorate degree in medicine in 1973. As a first job he obtained an appointment in the Department of Debrecen University. After his residency he passed the board exam in 1977 in neurology later in psychiatry and in 2008 in clinical neurophysiology. His training in neurophysiology was done under direction of professor Ferenc Mechler in the Laboratory of  Electrophysiology, Debrecen University. He received a grant of Swedish Institute and worked in the laboratory of  Erik Stalberg in the Department of Electrophysiology, Uppsala. He had other scholarships: 1993 Wadham College, Oxford, 1994 Institute of Neuropathology, Freie University, Berlin, 1995 Department of Neurology, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. After successfully defending his thesis, he obtained the PhD degree. Title of his thesis: „New data on the pathomechanism and diagnosis of neuromuscular diseases”. Habilitation was performed in 1996. From 1996 until present, he is the head of Department of Neurology, Teaching Hospital, Nyiregyhaza.